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"With a very limited number of bottles of this wine available to purchase we expect it to sell out quickly.  Loved by the tasting team, we strongly recommend that if you want to buy don't hang around too long, otherwise you may be disappointed"


Deep red with a hint of amber. The nose is of ripe red fruits with vegetal notes. The palate adds toasty oak and a hint of blackberry. It's long, warm and drinking beautifully now, but still has some life left. Tip: This wine will have thrown a light deposit in the bottle so we recommend that it be decanted just before serving. Corks in older wines sometimes become more likely to break when being removed, so please take care with the cork in this wine: it’s been undisturbed for more than 20 years and may not like it!

Dehesa del Carrizal Coleccion Privada, Castilla y Leon, 2001, 13.5%

Out of Stock
  • Vintage: 2001

    Bottle Size: 75cl

    ABV: 13.5%

    Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah

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