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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I have always loved the Meon Valley. The beautiful countryside, the easy access to places of culture and fun, and the diverse and talented fellow villagers. Having visited regularly for nearly 30 years, my wife and I moved in permanently a year ago. Since then two critical things happened of relevance to this blog. Firstly, I shared a bottle of Sicilian Zibbibo with one of my new neighbours and secondly Covid-19 appeared! 

Both of these events have helped me appreciate the power of interesting and diverse wines, to help build new friendships and slow down the pace of life sufficiently to appreciate more fully all that is on offer in and around the Valley. My Zibbibo-fuelled conversation led directly to a small group of us working together to research and establish a local Wine Society that will help build and nurture even more diverse and positive links between local residents, through a common appreciation of wine and community. In doing so, we aim to raise more revenues to help support and secure our much loved village shop. Covid-19 has intervened to restrict the Society’s socialisation objectives in the short term but it has also heightened our appreciation of both our rural village life and our supplies of interesting wines. If you have the potential to love wine and if you live locally and are interested in investing in a supportive community, then please think carefully about becoming an active member of the West Meon Wine Society.

“Whatever the weather, wine is a pleasure And particularly so in this life of leisure Whatever the cuisine, wine is delightful Even if the food is frightful! Whatever the company, wine is enhancing Sometimes prompting disco dancing Whatever your taste, wine brings variety So sign up now to our brand new Society!”

Graham Walker , Chair  - West Meon Wine Society

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